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[OOC] Hiatus + Calculator Meme

As I mentioned in the comm a week or two ago, I am leavin' on a jet plane come tomorrow. After that, I shall be in Japan for my intensive language program! I ... do not know how much internet I'll have / how much work I'll be doing / how much traveling I wanna do / OMG JAPAN, so I am officially on a nine-week hiatus starting tomorrow. This ... probably won't last more than a few days. Watch me pop into IRC the moment I get in my apartment to go HEY GUYS I'M IN JAPAN OMG. HOPEFULLY I will take a week or so to settle in and then I will be back on not-hiatus like the addict that I am. |D

... and because I can: calculator meme. Just because I wanted to see how much I spammed before hiatusing.

ETA: This is probably quite a non-issue, but: please don't buy me paid time / icons / anything while I'm on hiatus. The whole censorship LJ debacle has me wondering what to do about my RP accounts (since I've spent (or had spent on me) ... good lord, 200 bucks? Something like that?). And besides, if I have to take the full nine-week hiatus, it'd be silly to pay for my accounts while I'm not using them.

ishidork, Ishida Uryuu: 41,248 comments, 30.5%.
feirbendrs_suk, Sokka: 1,333 comments, 0.985%.
deep_sea_alto, Kaioh Michiru: 498 comments, 0.368%.
dont_go_smooth, Malcolm Reynolds: 34,029 comments, 25.2%
sisterskeeper, Simon Tam: approx. 5,000 comments, ~3.70%.
one_jedi_night, Jacen Solo: 2,904 comments, 2.15%.
que_sora_sora, Arisugawa Sorata: 4,801 comments, 3.55%.
paradigmlost, Roxas: 16,658 comments, 12.3%.
asdflkjgh, Shin Seijuurou: 17,819 comments, 13.2%.
lt_blonde, Alice L. Malvin: 909 comments, 0.672%.
badgrbadgrbadgr, Phoenix Wright: 9,181, 6.79%.
verklarung, Raquel Applegate: 893 comments, 0.660%.

Total Comments: 135,273
Total Days in CFUD: 706
Average Comments Per Day: 191.6



This is not going up in the main comm 'cause it's something I'm curious about just on a me-type basis. Also, I may be cross-posting it to my personal journal eventually. Is it sad that I trust you guys more than my own FL?

Words.Collapse )

[IC] Shouta Continuations >:

[From here]

I can't say it.

[OOC] ... retroactive hiatus?

Right, so. I fail. Utterly. I should have declared a HIATUS for this past week, but I didn't. Sooo I ended up dropping tons of threads and generally failing and -- argh, argh. D: I am mostly out of the woods now, however. I still have a massive paper due Friday, but I a) already presented on it, and b) have most of it done. Everything else is preeetty small in the grand scheme of things, and I only have one final, so! I am going to be back on top of things starting tonight. After I nap.

So yeah. MASSIVE APOLOGIES for all the epic fail. D: If I dropped a thread with you that you wanna pick up again now that I'm not inundated with work, could you drop me a comment or PM me about it? I would love you forever. thank you. ♥


[IC] Thread Continuations

[from here]

This is only a loan.

[still searching through his pockets]


I really should have asked this earlier, BUT I was mildly retarded and thought "lolz I used to keep track of this so clearly I know this already."

Would your character ping Ishida's spiritual radar? Ishida's v. v. good at sensing stuff, so he gets a LOT but not everything. Anyone with demonic/angelic/outsider/not human goodness in them would be pretty obvious, and he can also geeenerally sense if someone has some sort of innate supernatural ability. That last bit is very vague, however. I basically would like to know in advance if Ishida should be making DEMON accusations at anybody. :Dd

And, er. While we're on that topic! If you don't want Ishida to cry DEMON!11 out in public like that, please please feel free to let me know. I get the general impression that people are amused by it and/or don't mind, but I don't wanna step on anyone's toes. >: Alternately, if you have a burning desire for Ishida to seek you out and yell DEMON@24@1!! at you, you can tell me that too. I'll oblige. :Dd



[LJ is barely letting me back into my own post anymore, so. Uh. If you are threading with me (or if you haven't gotten one from me -- I'm missing so many I'm sorry ;;), could you please drop a comment here? It will be so much easier to keep up with you all in a new post.]

[OOC] Reverse Relationship Meme!

... so, uh. I haven't played Ishida for five months. I have sadly forgotten many of his relationships. Not the super important ones, of course! But I know that a lot has probably slipped through the cracks. If you could do a quick comment with a) what your relationship was to Ishida and b) what he called you (if you remember!), I would love you forever and ever. And also comment back with what he thought of you, hopefully. I-it will be brief, but I shall try to get everyone. :Dd

Not including the other characters for now. Ishida will be tricky enough as is. |D;;


[OOC] State of the Quincy (Reapp)

... so uh. This is the character I said I'd NEVER re-app. This is the character I said was also impossible to re-app (for me, anyway), for ... a number of reasons. Lolz. I got some 'splainin' to do! This is mostly for my own edification, as well as being ... well, a justification for something that I said I would never do. Because "I missed him D:" is not a good enough reason for reapping. rly.

Rambling goes here.Collapse )

Anyway, I think that's all I have to say at this point. If I think of anything else, I'll definitely throw it up here. I n-need to go make icons and also RAGE AT M7 for their manga servers not being robust enough. >:(