Ishida Uryuu (石田雨竜) (ishidork) wrote,
Ishida Uryuu (石田雨竜)

[OOC] Yet another mini-hiatus~

I will be gone mooost of this weekend, starting tonight and going til ... Sunday sometime. Yay anime convention! I will be at Ohayocon all three days (though not in the late late evenings -- we're close enough and poor enough that we're just driving out there). I ... think that means I'm going to miss Exalted tonight, orz. Assuming we're on for Exalted tonight. I don't even remember what the schedule is anymore.

If anyone's going to Ohayocon, look for the Nia cosplayer wearing a pink Gameboy DS case with a tiny Phoenix Wright plushie and a bell charm attached to it. I looove talking to CFUD people IRL. :Dd
Tags: ooc
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