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[IC/OOC] Holiday gifts~

If you want to play any of these out ICly, let me know! ... I may just have my character hand over the present if it comes up ICly anyway. :| With the exception of Kurogane and Shinjiro, anyway; they're way too maaaanly to think about holiday gifts. Rly.


Unless otherwise noted, his gifts come in small wrapped packages, with notes attached stating that they are from him.

Ari: A new set of gloves to match the pair that he sent last year. Also, a matching headband.
Al: A kitten-patterned scarf with matching bracer/glove type things. They're sized so that he can put them on over his armor.
Ash: A set of six tiny knitted pokeballs.
Gojyo: A wine-red jacket made out of warm, sleek-looking material.
Meer: Several sets of violet, white, and magenta hair ribbons, plus a pink knitted muff.
Russel: A knitted set of suspenders.
Yuusuke: A cape with the kanji for Yuusuke clearly written down the back. It's quite fancy-looking. ... also comes with a slightly less nice back-up cape.
Jr: A red scarf.
Huang Yue Ying and Zhuge Liang: Matching sweaters with their names in kanji.
Boyan: Earmuffs and a box of matches.
Watanuki: A knitted glasses container.
Ronan: A deep green/gray scarf, plus a wristband made from a silver-like material. Attached is a note: "This is made from a material that should help dampen your visible reiatsu somewhat. I suppose this is what you would call a 'selfish gift.'"
Komui: A white scarf patterned with black crosses.

Ryuuken: A long white winter coat, with silver-colored trim and a cross pattern on the inner lining. This gift is not wrapped, nor does it come with a note. It's simply been left (neatly folded) on Ryuuken's desk.
Orihime: A fuzzy white sweater trimmed with fur at the collar and wrists.
Keigo: A few plain scarves, plus a note: "If you still need more winter clothing, ask me."
Chizuru and Chisame: A set of matching gloves.
Chad: A knitted plushie, plus a black scarf.

Rikuou: A black scarf and gloves. The gift is wrapped, but there is no note saying who it's from.
Light: A horribly pink notebook cover.
Watari: A pair of hairclips with knitted pink butterflies attached.
Nishi: Nothing. :)
Nii and Jizabel: Restraining orders


Unless otherwise noted, Shin's gifts have been wrapped semi-clumsily, with his name written somewhere on the inside of the paper.

Dee: A football + ... one of those cup things that football players wear to protect their crotch. :|
Ayame: A couple balls of yarn wrapped in some nice fabric. His taste in sewing supplies isn't terribly great.
Ziva: Wristbands + a set of flyers from the Oujou games. They have lots of pretty pictures of his school.
Hellboy: A football + a set of flyers from the Oujou games.
Kazu, Ikki, and Agito: One pair of nice gloves for each of them.
Katou, Kid, Tetsuma, Mamori, Musashi, and Taki: Wristbands in their team colors.
Sakuraba: ... nothing yet. Shin doesn't know what to get his boyfriend, so he'll probably just mention that ICly instead.
Takami: A couple of those things that hold your glasses in place while you play sports.
Ed: A yardstick, with "safety distance" written in near one end.
Bulma: A couple girly(ish) wristbands.
Himawari: Hair ribbons.


Gumshoe: A pair of those wooden Japanese shoes, with a note: "This is as close as I can get to giving you a raise."
Mia: A rather tacky coffee mug that says "World's #1 Boss" with a couple packages of hot cocoa stuffed inside.
Maya: Some IOU vouchers good for getting burgers back home. Also, a Steel Samurai cell phone dangly.
Ema: A mildly outdated science textbook, filled with lots and lots of pictures.
Edgeworth: A playercested knitted cravat. Wrapped around a bottle of aspirin.
Peony: Several rappig-sized reindeer ear headbands.
Meryl: A snowman-shaped mug with a couple packages of hot cocoa stuffed inside.
Sakuraba: A football.


None of his gifts come with his name or any wrapping. He will refuse to take credit for them. :|

Minagawa, Izumi, and Gremio: Some cookies, set out on a single plate in the kitchen. There is a note attached: "For the head cooks."
Jr. and Ryuuken: A note: "Leave a request or a recipe on the door to Canada sometime. Might get around to making it."
Mamori and Himawari: Cookies!
Minato: Playercested Knitted earmuffs designed to fit over headphones.
Mitsuru: A nice-looking sweater.
Koromaru: A new leash.
Akihiko: A set of plain gloves + a note: "Not for combat." Also, a couple thimbles.


No wrapping. Usually comes with a scrawled note with his name on it. Also, most of these are technically New Year's presents, 'cause Kurogane doesn't know what Christmas is.

Ando: A note: "I'll let you win one fight. Try anything after that and you're dead."
Hiro: A note: "One sparring or training session. Whichever."
Yuuko: A blank note. :|
Tomoyo: Violet hair ribbons.
Kinomoto Sakura: Pink hair ribbons.
Toya and Yukito: Hair rib-- A couple warm blankets, one dark blue and the other patterned with snow.
Li Syaoran: A pair of sturdy-looking gloves.
Schierke: A small cloth band just the right width to fit around her hat.
Setsuna: A pair of study-looking gloves.
Squall: A note: "Hope you're enjoying all the space, kid."
Zexion: A set of simple bento boxes and a ceramic Japanese-style teacup.
Mokkun: A collar with a bell on it, plus a note: "Dunno who this'd go better on, you or your pet. Figure it out."

Kairi: Very simple pink bracelet.
Ikki: A couple volumes of a ninja manga.
Kamina: Very simple mid-driff armor.
Nia: Fluffy pink hair ribbons.
Simon: A good, Japanese-style scabbard and belt for that sword.
Yoko: Very simple set of earrings.
Himawari: A very simple necklace with a vaguely bird-like wooden charm at the end.

Fay: A couple black hair ties + an exceedingly fluffy black cat plushie. He will refuse to take any credit for the latter gift.
Mokona: Tiiiny ribbons with bells on the end.
Sakura: A simple pink kimono patterned with sakura. The note also reads: "Found this in my box of clothing a while ago. Don't think it belongs to me."
Syaoran: A pair of sturdy black boots.


Clumsily wrapped, with a note attached saying they're from her ... though that's been scratched out a couple times. What if they decided to refuse the gift just because it's from me?? DD: ... etc.

Komui: A small, clumsily-made black glasses case.
Allen: A rather clumsily-made set of mittens.
Kanda: Hair ribbons!
Rabi: Clumsily-made green scarf.
Rinali: A rather clumsily-made set of hair ties.
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