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[OOC/IC] Mini-Hiatus + Christmas Letters

Tinyhiatus for me! I'm spending all of tomorrow / some of Sunday with the grandparents, where I shall have no access to the internet. It's just one day, so I normally wouldn't post about it, buuut ... Christmas letters is that day, orz. Which makes me sad, 'cause I actually wrote them this year. Oh well!

I'm too lazy to email this to Tomo, so if some kind soul could just drop a link to this post once the letters post goes up, that would be fantastic. ... also I haven't done Mal's yet 'cause I can't think of anything right this second. I'll probably write one on Sunday, when I'm less braindead.


[like Anakin's letter from last year, it's not so much a letter as it is a small audio recording. there are two small plastic bags attached to it.]

-- thing on? Hey, it's working! And Dad said I was hopeless with machines when Jaina isn't around. I can at least work basic stuff, sheesh. Dunno if it's actually getting through, but hey! Nothing wrong with trying, right?

Lessee. Jaina, you're in that camp place now, right? Uncle Luke doesn't believe me when I say where you are, but he does believe that you're okay. I mean, at least for now. Not that you've been gone that long. Something about time moving differently and -- I dunno, you're the technical one. Dunno how long you've been there, but I hope you're having as much fun as I did. Didja find my menagerie? Betcha there's still some turtles under the bed in my old cabin.

Is ... er ... is Anakin still there? Or Obi-Wan? Or did they leave before I did? Man, I just can't remember. Or any other relatives? Say hi to 'em for me. Oh, and give 'em this joke: Why'd the Sith warrior cross the Dune Sea? To get to the other side! Get it? I made that one up myself.

Buffy, I hope you and Kon are still doing well. And Kal too! I sent him a bag of monster-snacks. I made 'em out of one of my old flightsuits. Hopefully he's not too big to be eating clothes now. Sometimes I kinda miss you guys. But Uncle Luke keeps me pretty busy at the Temple, and Jaina's probably with you, so I can't feel too bad. I named the pair of blue spider-mice after you two. And all their babies are named Kal. Is that okay?

Um, I think that's about it. Jaina, I dunno if it got through, but I tried sending along a couple of your tools. And if it didn't ... uh ... well, Dad can probably replace them. Right? Oh boy.

-- Jacen Solo


[his letter comes attached to the top of a small packet, which contains several delicious cake recipes (including this one) and many, many baby pictures.]

Yo! Long time no see, heh! Y'all still doin' okay? If ya aren't, then I sent ya some stuff ta cheer ya right up! Me and my honey~~~ are doin' real great in Hanshin. Ya oughta be proud -- I'm a history teacher now! And me an' my darling honey are runnin' a little place that takes visitors every now and then. We get some pretty interesting people, lemme tell ya! Back when my honey was pregnant with our first kid, we had a big noodly guy an' a ninja and a princess all here! Pretty neat, huh? If Yuuko's still there, somebody oughta tell her that we're still grateful t'her for helpin' us out back there. We're real happy.

Ari an' Nishi, you've gotta share those cake recipes evenly, okay? And if ya don't wanna try cookin' it yourself, I'll betcha there's somebody in camp who'd do it for ya. I remember the cooks in camp were pretty good while I was there! The pictures are for anybody who wants 'em, but Ari oughta get one at least. Ain't Dori the cutest thing in the whole world? She takes after her mommy. But the doctor says we've got a boy on the way, so maybe he'll end up takin' after me.

That's about it. Hope y'all have a good holidays! I gotta get back to helping my honey~~~ with the baby~~~~

~ Arisugawa Sorata


[these letters actually haven't been left with the others. instead, they're in an untidy pile next to Axel's bed, with Axel's letter still open on the bed. also, Axel will probably wake up to find himself with Sora snuggled in bed with him, arms looped tightly around Axel's shoulders.

The letters are very brief, usually just the recipient's name, a simple "Merry Christmas" or other holiday greeting with "Roxas" signed at the bottom, plus a photograph from his collection (... wherever that went) tucked into the card. The Sohmas each get one of these, as well as Ari, Umeda, Haruhi, and most castmates (who aren't OrgXIII members, anyway) ... and Ticky. There is a crumpled card for Mika in there somewhere.]

Sora: Don't freak when you wake up, okay? You better have been taking care of things while I'm asleep. Can't stay any longer right now, but I feel better.

PS: Keep pens and paper closer to the bed next time -- I spent way too long trying to find it this morning. I'm not sorry for the mess.

Umeda: Keep an eye on Axel. If he needs it.

Axel: ... sorry I'm taking so long. Think it's gonna be a little longer still. Thanks for the kiss the other day. And the hug. ... if you didn't have to go through Sora to do that, I'd tell you to do it more often. I'm tempted to tell you to do it anyway.

PS: Nice earrings.

PPS: I lo

[the writing trails off.]
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