Ishida Uryuu (石田雨竜) (ishidork) wrote,
Ishida Uryuu (石田雨竜)

[OOC] Off Hiatus ... sorta

I've been in Japan about three weeks now, so I figure it's high time I officially got off hiatus. Which I am now. :Dd The program is not nearly as hard as people make it out to be, which makes me happy. ... and also I'm addicted, shh.

However! The internet here ... is. Well. It's been having problems lately. :| I can still RP just fine, but IRC lags like a biiiitch. Gmail works fine, though, so I'll be in gchat pretty much constantly from now on. you can still talk to me in IRC, but please know that my response times will suck. D:

ALSO I know that I have people waiting on betas from me. If you sent me an app to beta before I left, could you resend it to me? That would be awesome.
Tags: ooc
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