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[IC] General Interaction Post

[For whenever you want a thread with Ishida but don't want to try hunting me down on IRC / the comm / whatever. Eternally open, good for multiple uses, and dated into the FUUUTUUURE so it will always stay at the top of my journal.]


[iic] OH GOD

note: this sis matu's fault. I mean, posting now . she enabled me!

it took me a long time to get the coding rightCollapse )



As much as it pains me to do this, I suppose someone must be the responsible party. And seeing as how I may be unable to vote tonight due to schedule issues, I suppose I must do at least this much.

Shepherd, are you quite sure that I cannot change my partner?


[OOC] Yet another mini-hiatus~

I will be gone mooost of this weekend, starting tonight and going til ... Sunday sometime. Yay anime convention! I will be at Ohayocon all three days (though not in the late late evenings -- we're close enough and poor enough that we're just driving out there). I ... think that means I'm going to miss Exalted tonight, orz. Assuming we're on for Exalted tonight. I don't even remember what the schedule is anymore.

If anyone's going to Ohayocon, look for the Nia cosplayer wearing a pink Gameboy DS case with a tiny Phoenix Wright plushie and a bell charm attached to it. I looove talking to CFUD people IRL. :Dd


[IC/OOC] Holiday gifts~

If you want to play any of these out ICly, let me know! ... I may just have my character hand over the present if it comes up ICly anyway. :| With the exception of Kurogane and Shinjiro, anyway; they're way too maaaanly to think about holiday gifts. Rly.

IshidaCollapse )

ShinCollapse )

PhoenixCollapse )

ShinjiroCollapse )

KuroganeCollapse )

MirandaCollapse )


[OOC/IC] Mini-Hiatus + Christmas Letters

Tinyhiatus for me! I'm spending all of tomorrow / some of Sunday with the grandparents, where I shall have no access to the internet. It's just one day, so I normally wouldn't post about it, buuut ... Christmas letters is that day, orz. Which makes me sad, 'cause I actually wrote them this year. Oh well!

I'm too lazy to email this to Tomo, so if some kind soul could just drop a link to this post once the letters post goes up, that would be fantastic. ... also I haven't done Mal's yet 'cause I can't think of anything right this second. I'll probably write one on Sunday, when I'm less braindead.

JacenCollapse )

SorataCollapse )

RoxasCollapse )


[IC] Continuation

[from here. ... not that Ishida actually has anything to say at the moment. he's just not feeling up to it, somehow.]


[OOC] Mini-hiatus~

As I have NO IDEA wtf kind of connection I'll have in my house at uni, I may have to rely on the library for my internet connection for a week or so. And I'll be moving / packing today anyway, sooo ... hiatus for today definitely. Semi-hiatus for the week, depending on connection issues. Hopefully all shall be well, though. /o/

[OOC] Off Hiatus ... sorta

I've been in Japan about three weeks now, so I figure it's high time I officially got off hiatus. Which I am now. :Dd The program is not nearly as hard as people make it out to be, which makes me happy. ... and also I'm addicted, shh.

However! The internet here ... is. Well. It's been having problems lately. :| I can still RP just fine, but IRC lags like a biiiitch. Gmail works fine, though, so I'll be in gchat pretty much constantly from now on. you can still talk to me in IRC, but please know that my response times will suck. D:

ALSO I know that I have people waiting on betas from me. If you sent me an app to beta before I left, could you resend it to me? That would be awesome.


[IC] Continuations~

[from .. somewhere in Ichigo's Father's Day post]

Nn. So my views are not merely juvenile delinquency.